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Obviously Jennifer Lopez’s famous curves are a genetic gift—but the star does work to keep her booty toned and lifted. Celebrity trainer Ary Nuñez has five exercises you can do to boost your booty, too (no equipment needed!). If you do two sets of these exercises 32 times each once a day, your bum will be perky, tight, and beautiful! Watch Ary’s moves here:

1 comments - تعليقات

KendraP يقول... @ 18 يوليو، 2013 1:36 م

Hey there!
Thanks a lot for such a great video. I am trying to work on my behind, squats are my middle name now lol I follow this guide how to workout and these guidelines work great for me. I know that I need to do bridges, lunges and squats, what else can you recommend? Cheers!

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